Ryan Walters: WHAT?


Editor, The Transcript:

KFOR TV frequently runs a segment they title “Is this a great state or what?”, where they highlight positive people, places or activities. There are many things that we can be proud of, but our national ranking in educational achievement is not one of them.

I think most Oklahomans will agree that an educated workforce is essential for economic development and attracting investment in our state. Yet we continue to rank near the bottom in the nation in educational achievement, putting us at a serious disadvantage when companies are looking to relocate from high expense areas.

Now, Ryan Walters is suggesting, if he is elected Secretary of Education, he may decline to accept federal dollars. Not only will he deprive children of educational opportunities, he will take the state in a negative direction.

The programs available to our schools that may suffer if that happens include the following: Title I, II, III Programs; Homeless Education; American Indian Education; After School Tutoring Programs; Junior High Tutors; Teacher Professional Development; Instructional Materials; Educational Technology Grants; Free and Reduced Lunches; Food Programs for Low Income Schools; Special Education Programs; School Improvement Grants; Pre-School Education; Rural School Grant Programs; Charter School Grants; Gifted and Talented programs; School Dropout Prevention Programs; Tech Prep Programs; Assistance for Homeless Children; and others (the list is not inclusive).

Every person who has a child in a school or is concerned about Oklahoma’s future needs to think about this issue very carefully. If Walters is elected, the operative question won’t be “Is this a great state?;” it will be the alternative: “WHAT?”.



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