Editor, The Transcript:

Last Sunday’s New York Times contained an article titled “In Losing, There May Be Winning,” in which OU historian, Steven Gillon, contends that a Republican takeover of Congress may improve Obama’s reelection prospects in 2012.

Could be, of course. But if the GOP is successful, it certainly won’t be good for the country. 

Some observers think a Republican victory this fall would force Obama to “move to the center.” More compromise would then follow, presumably.

If the president sticks to his moderate principles (and that’s exactly his stance), conciliation is not likely. 

While the American public may be angry, frustrated, anxious, even frightened, most voters still cling to moderate political views.

But the Republican leadership has lurched so far to the right in recent years that confrontation with the president seems inevitable.

Here’s what the country is more likely to get over the next two years: fruitless investigations (think Whitewater), more vacancies on the federal bench, federal agencies under assault, battles over funding and, above all, constant bickering and deadlock. It won’t be pretty.

David R. Morgan


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