America has a serious problem, and it isn’t just our country’s immigration laws. It is a social and political problem. Name-calling and making self-promoting political statements out of disasters destroys the image of America.

For example, stating that the picture of a father and his young daughter laying on the shore of America depicts a Republican or Democratic problem is false. It is America’s problem! Our dominating, two-party political system has eroded our values by fighting each other versus representing all Americans.

]Both parties have lost the ability to professionally negotiate and compromise on our nation’s issues. Both parties brag about how much money they have raised for their presidential candidates. Really?

Does America have a “House For Rent” sign in front of the White House? If so, I haven’t seen it, but maybe there should be one. If that is the case, as “landlords” we need to do a thorough background check on “renters” who “rent” the house for personal or party recognition only.

America has problems that require complex, jointly developed solutions. No one person or branch of our government has the best solution. Immigration, ballooning national debt, health care, defense, aging infrastructure, discrimination, yoyo economy, deteriorating international relationships and a host of other issues.

That is why we have three equal branches of government. Each of these three branches comprise a government neighborhood on the Potomac and need “renters” that can work together, not point fingers or make nasty, demeaning statements about their neighbor.

America is becoming the laughingstock of the world as we wallow in juvenile, ego-driven, name-calling politics. Russia, China and North Korea dictators are not offering friendly smiles to our current White House renter; they are laughing at America as he tries to join the international dictator’s club.

He is twittering statements and calling people names like a preacher preaching about sin on Sunday and living in sin all week. You might call it a Fake Sermon! Some of his “neighbors” fall victim to his words and shout “Amen!”

The amount of money a presidential candidate raises relates to the volume of noise they can make about their competition while offering a popular but partial solution to America’s complex problems. For example, building a wall is not a total solution, but that is the bumper sticker statement being made.

Listen closely as the White House “renter” campaigning intensifies. Do you hear a complete, long-term solution to our problems, or just name-calling and offering a Band-Aid? If not, ask the potential renter for specifics — don’t just select them because they spend the most money and promise to revitalize the “neighborhood” with hollow promises.

Our White House “House For Rent” sign should read: “Renter selected must be capable of fixing problems, not just blaming the former occupant or complaining they need better neighbors."

Richard C. Hall


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