Please go get vaccinated

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I’m not bragging, but I am a fortunate one and always have been. I got my second COVID19 vaccine last week. A special thanks to our National Guard and Cleveland County Health Department. The mechanics of it were dead simple, and it was by far the simplest state sponsored anything I’ve ever encountered. The sign up, not so much.

I reflected on a time, probably 1961, when my mom hunted me down, grabbed me by the arm, dragged me away from whatever my project was, and said, “Come on, we’re getting you the polio vaccine.” I thought the poor old lady had lost her mind as she plainly didn’t remember I’d already had THE SHOT. In a crowded gym, I got a sugar cube and decided I should be vaccinated early and often. All of my friends were there.

Of course, everyone my age knew someone affected by that virus, and I came to know them as a really amazing bunch. Later, I spent a lot of time in large Neurology wards and heard Graybeards describe the polio epidemic with iron lungs (ventilators) lining the halls--some full, some just waiting. It was awful and still worse was the comment “but it wasn’t as bad here as it was in (fill in the blank)...”

I know there must have been anti-vaxxers then, but it’s hard to imagine.

The same mother visited (when I was a bit older than that forgetful old lady), and I told her about a lady with tetanus I had seen in the ICU. Easily the worst thing I’d ever seen or would see, and between pediatric and adult neurology, that’s saying something. Only a single doctor in the hospital had seen a case before. When she asked if it was rare, I said it was, in the USA. Her reply was that when she was young, her family was thought lucky because “no one ever had it but it seemed like every other one did” in Western Oklahoma. So, she was fortunate, too.

Sadly, it’s likely this virus wont “go away” as polio and tetanus seemed to (they haven’t), but it will eventually not be a problem for whatever reason. But, Guaranteed, there will be another new SARS type virus. After all, this is number 19 which is changing rapidly. We need a plan for the worst virus and a plan for our government to help us cope with it. (We had one that was abandoned). There is already too much uncertainty/misinformation in new diseases and treatments and/or lack thereof. The principles of public health cannot be made up on the fly, least of all by people with no background and armed only with strong opinions. It goes without saying we should use this plan.

Please, please get vaccinated as soon as you can and vaccinate your kids. Please listen to Public Health officials. We should all be so fortunate to have this chance and recognize this.



An open letter to Congressman Tom Cole

An Open Peaceful Transfer of Power” with 6 DEATHS? You voted not to confirm the electoral college votes. This is a mere “ceremony” like the Oscars, where VP Pence was just to read the winners. Tom Hanks could not decide who won Best Picture at the Oscars, he was SUPPOSED to just read the winner, just like VP Pence could not change the winners. Did you not pay attention when the rioters were chanting Hang Mike Pence after constructing a gallows on the Capitol lawn? You will go down in History books as a TRAITOR, that did not vote to impeach Trump, after he caused a COUP. A CAPITOL POLICEMAN died; you have blood on your hands. I think they should have the mother of that policeman on the senate floor, and every Senator that votes not to impeach, should look her in the eye. You are Pro-life, of course until it came to HER SON. I ask all elected officials in Washington to imagine if that were your child, would you still be so “forgiving” and want “UNITY”, at the expense of Democracy. Putin is getting his wishes without having to put a “SPY” in our government, our own elected officials are doing his work for him. IF THIS IS NOT IMPEACHABLE, WHAT IS? RESIGN!

Mary Brannon


A letter to the GOP

Hello Pot, I’m the GOP.

It took less than two weeks. Two weeks! Let that sink in. US Representatives and Senators from Oklahoma took less than two weeks to call out President Biden for his use of Executive Orders.

Representative Cole referred to the Executive Orders as “damaging and partisan.” Senator Lankford pushes the rhetoric of a liberal agenda. Senator Inhofe has gone so far as to back Rand Paul’s reintroduction of the REINS Act, an effort to limit rule changes by the Executive Branch. All of this begs one major question, where were these critiques the last eight years.

To say President Trump issued controversial Executive Orders and Emergency Declarations would be an understatement. President Trump willfully circumvented Congress on numerous occasions using the broad powers granted to the executive branch. These occasions were partisan and, arguably, damaging on almost every occasions. Yet, not once did Inhofe, Lankford, or Cole speak up against his use of EOs and EDs. It’s only when a Democrat uses the same methods that it suddenly becomes a problem again.

Throwing stones feels good but is not wise when you to live in a glass house. This is exactly the political game Oklahoma Senators and Representatives are playing. It’s a good for us but not for them methodology and it demonstrates not only their hypocrisy but also flaws with their character. As in anything else, what’s good for the goose should also be good for the gander.



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