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Rack Locations

Campus Corner, 211 W. Boyd, Norman

Sunshine Store, 320 White St, Norman

7-11 Store, Chatauqua & Imhoff, Norman

Circle K, 1200 W. Lindsey, Norman

Donut King, Lindsey & Berry, Norman

Mane Man, Lindsey & Berry, Norman

Arvest Bank, Lindsey & Wylie, Norman

McDonalds, Lindsey & McGee, Norman

Homeland, 1427 W. Lindsey, Norman

Mr. Short Stop, 2007 W. Lindsey, Norman

Dollar General, 1221 W. Lindsey, Norman

Circle K, 2316 W. Lindsey, Norman

Savannah Apts, 1111 24th Ave SW, Norman

Quickshop, 920 24th Ave SW, Norman

Sooner Legend Hotel, 1200 24th Ave SW, Norman

L&M FoodMart, Flood & Highland Pkwy, Norman

Daylight Donuts, Flood * Highland Pkwy, Norman

Texaco, Berry & Denison, Norman

Dollar General, 800 N. berry, Norman

Circle K, 1120 N. Berry, Norman

7-11 Store, 800 W. Robinson, Norman

Ozzies Diner, Airport, Norman

Westwood Park Apts, 1836 W. Robinson, Norman

Carls Jr, 24th & Robinson, Norman

Crest Market, 2550 Mt Williams Dr, Norman

Homeland, 2600 W. Robinson, Norman

7-11 Store, Robinson & Crossroad, Norman

Waffle House, 1161 Rambling Oaks, Norman

Cracker Barrel, W. Interstate Dr, Norman

Circle K, 3300 W. Main, Norman

Burger King, 110 Ed Noble Pkwy, Norman

McDonalds, 101 Ed Noble Pkwy, Norman

Barnes & Noble, 540 Ed Noble Pkwy, Norman

J Boties, 3750 W. Main, Norman

Wrights, 36th & Main, Norman

Wild Birds, 36th & Robinson, Norman

Starbucks, 36th & Robinson, Norman

CVS Pharmacy, Main St, Norman

7-11 Store, 36th & Rock Creek, Norman

Walmart Neighborhood, 36th St, Norman

CVS Pharmacy, 3501 36th Ave NW, Norman

McDonalds, 36th Ave NW & Tecumseh, Norman

Oncue, 3601 N. Flood, Norman

Mr. C's Shell, 1920 N. Flood, Norman

Train Depot, Jones & Comanche, Norman

Rawhide, 209 E. Main, Norman

{pst Pffoce, Gray & Santa fe, Norman

Sunshine Store, 201 N. Flood, Norman

Cici's Pizza, 540 W. Main, Norman

Midway Grocery, 601 W. Eufaula, Norman

Walgreens, 615 W. Main, Norman

CVS Pharmacy, 700 W. Main, Norman

Old School Bagel, 710 W. Main, Norman

Circle K, 800 W. Main, Norman

Starbucks, Main, Norman

La Baguette, Main & Berry, Norman

Johnnies, Main & Berry, Norman

Sinclair, Hal Muldrow & Main, Norman

Red Horse, Main & 24th Ave SW, Norman

Panera Bread, Main & 24th Ave SW, Norman

Mr. G's, Main & Mercedes, Norman

Circle K, 2320 W. Main, Norman

Sooner Stop, 2550 W. Main, Norman

Waffle House, 125 N. Interstate Dr, Norman

Jimmy's Egg, 2539 W. Main, Norman

Walmart , Main & Interstate Dr, Norman

H & M Food Mart, 101 N. Porter, Norman

Hasslers, Porter & Eufaula, Norman

The Corner Store, 517 S. Porter, Norman

Shell, Boyd & Classen, Norman

Oncue Express, 750 E. Lindsey, Norman

CVS Pharmacy, 1100 E. Lindsey, Norman

Buy For Less, 1205 E. Lindsey, Norman

Dollar General, 1221 E. Lindsey, Norman

7-11 Store, 1333 E. Lindsey, Norman

Mr. Short Stop, 1230 E. Lindsey, Norman

Daylight Donuts, 1300 12th Ave NE, Norman

7-11 Store, 256 Classen, Norman

C Express, 2319 E. Lindsey, Norman

7-11 Store, Alameda & 24th, Norman

Popeyes, 1491 E. Alameda, Norman

Homeland, 1251 E. Alameda, Norman

Mr. Short Stop, 1200 E. Alameda, Norman

Donut King, Alameda & 12th, Norman

McDonalds, 12th & Alameda, Norman

Dollar Tree, Alameda & 12th, Norman

Gold's Gym, Alameda & 12th, Norman

Burger King, Alameda & 12th, Norman

Walmart East, Main & 24th Ave NE, Norman

IHOP, 1049 12th Ave NE, Norman

Dollar General, 1215 E. Robinson, Norman

7-11 Store, 12th & Robinson, Norman

7-11 Store, Porter & Rock Creek, Norman

Wrights IGA, Porter & Robinson, Norman

McDonalds, Porter & Robinson, Norman

Conoco, 1305 N. Porter, Norman

Suncshine LLC, 622 N. Porter, Norman

Boomerang Diner, 517 N. Porter, Norman

Sooner Stop II, 4132 Nicole Pl, Norman

Vans Pigstand, 320 N. Porter, Norman

Circle K, 3024 N. Classen, Norman

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The City of Norman is considering putting a significant transportation bond up for a vote in February. Years after a new senior citizens center was promised, there remains little substantive progress on actually building one. Should the City of Norman move forward with other projects before getting the senior citizens center funded and designed?

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