OU football: Oklahoma cornerback Tre Brown haunted by near-takeaways

Kyle Phillips / The Transcript

Oklahoma cornerback Tre Brown walks the field before the Sooners' take on Texas Tech on Sept. 28 at Owen Field.

NORMAN — Tre Brown was one of just two scholarship cornerbacks Oklahoma had at its disposal two weeks ago in Manhattan, Kansas after Parnell Motley’s ejection.

OU fell 48-41 and is trying to rebound this weekend against Iowa State, with a host of issues to rectify defensively — from takeaways to third-down defense.

Brown met with reporters this week:

Q: Are you anxious to get back on the field?

A: Yeah, of course. That left a bad taste in our mouth, especially on a bye week. We’re just so eager to get out there. We’re going really hard. We’ve been hard on ourselves. We’re excited to get back on the field.

Q: You came close to two takeaways at K-State. Was that tough on you?

A: Yeah, it was pretty tough for me because I really wanted to make those plays and help the team. Man, it was pretty bad. If I would have had those, it would have been a whole different ball game. Like I said before, we were here before and I said I was going to work on my tackling and that’s exactly what I did. I’m going to do the same thing when it comes to turnovers. I’m going to really focus on those turnovers and make those plays next time.

Q: How did Motley’s ejection affect the secondary?

A: It impacted us. It took away a package that we had. It took away our dime package with not having enough DBs. That really impacted the game. After the game, he really apologized and we felt it from his heart. Sometimes, you get too aggressive and too into a game that you make bad decisions sometimes. He’s going to learn from it.

Q: What was Jalen Hurts’ speech to the team like afterward?

A: We felt that. Heads were left, right … he brought the team together. Sure, we lost that game and it’s emotional, but we’re going to be on the same page now. It’s do or die for us. Our backs are against the wall and we can’t make too many mistakes going into this five-game stretch.

Q: What do you think about his short answers in press conferences?

A: Same mindset, same goals. That’s just how it is. Why change what you are going to do? If you want to go 1-0, that’s just what you want to do every week. You don’t have to give a long story to anyone. You don’t have to give people what they want all the time. You have to do what’s right for you. It you want go 1-0, that’s that motto, that’s the goal.

Q: What are you thoughts on Iowa State quarterback Brock Purdy?

A: He can run with his feet. He can also throw the ball. He makes good plays and a lot of explosive throws. He does good with his eyes, looking down the field, from what I’ve seen. He’s a playmaker.

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