The two largest high schools in Norman ushered in a new era for their respective sports departments this past week.

On Tuesday, it was announced that Norman High and Norman North both hired new site athletic directors. Norman North brought in Dusty Porch while Norman High brought in Shane Austin.

Both were previous coaches and part of previous school staffs. For Porch, the NNHS alum was previously the athletic direction and Dean of Students at Robin Hills Public Schools and spent time as an assistant baseball coach.

Austin was previously the assistant principal at Putnam City West High School and oversaw the athletics department as well. Prior to jumping over to the administration side, Austin spent a decade coaching varsity football.

“The site AD positions at both NHS and NNHS play an important role on the day-to-day experience our student-athletes have in their respective programs,” said district director of athletics for Norman Public Schools T.D. O’Hara. “Both Dusty and Shane will allow our athletic programs at both high schools with collaboration from district athletics to continue to grow in a positive manner under their direction and leadership.”

While both are still in the early stages of their tenures as athletic directors for the high schools, they each envision a culture that is both welcoming and productive for all levels involved from the teachers to the parents of student-athletes.

“I believe in just building a strong community based on relationships,” said Porch. “I’ve got to build those relationships up. Especially with the coaches, but also the school administration, the students, the families that are going to be a part of this for the next few years to come.”

“(I definitely want a culture) where we’re married up to the academic side of things,” said Austin. “That’s kind of my role is to marry those two areas – academics and athletics – and to bridge the gap between the two. That’s really vital. I’d say in doing that, the number one goal is to take care of our students and to make sure they have the experience that they deserve. So everything kind of stems from that area.”

Porch and Austin are both family men — Porch has three children with his wife Angel, while Austin has two daughters of his own.

While they said they would like to put their own spin on things once they get comfortable with their new position, Porch and Austin also plan to continue to build off of their predecessors and strengthen the already strong cores of each high school’s respective athletic department.

“I’ll probably want to kind of keep that foundation and build off of it and put my own touch on it but I think they have a pretty good thing going,” said Porch.

Clemente Almanza is a sports reporter intern for The Transcript. You can reach him via email at or on Twitter @CAlmanza1007

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