High school football: J.D. Northcutt has been a staple at Moore football games for 29 years

Kyle Phillips / The Transcript

Moore High School football radio announcer J.D. Northcutt is in his 29th year calling games for the Lions.

Few characters have been around the Moore sports scene as long as 55-year-old J.D. Northcutt.

“Everybody calls me the ‘Voice of the Lions,’” Northcutt says.

Northcutt is entering his 29th season calling Moore Lions football on the radio, one of the longest-tenured radio personalities in Oklahoma.

“The more I think about it, the grayer my hair gets,” he laughs.

Northcutt’s career began shortly after attending a sportscasting seminar featuring longtime Sooners play-by-play pioneer, John Brooks, in 1991.

“I grew up listening to John Brooks do OU Football and Bob Barry Sr. do OSU football on the radio,” Northcutt said. “At a young age, that’s what really got me interested in [radio].”

At Brooks’ seminar, Northcutt introduced himself to the then-Moore radio team and offered his assistance to them. That fall, Northcutt he offered a seat at the table covering Lions football.

“When I got there for the first game, there was a headset,” Northcutt says. “They just said ‘hey, put on the headset and get to work.’”

Northcutt laughs now.

“At the time, obviously, I had no idea 29 years later I’d still be involved with the program.”

One member of that original radio crew was former Moore Booster Club president Greg Rolland, who died in 2005 due to complications from a heart attack.

“I just always think about what Greg and I started and what we built,” Northcutt said. “I just try to continue that.

“There’s a lot of heartstrings as far as my involvement with Moore Lion Football”

In his near three decades of service to the Moore football team, Northcutt has only missed a single game, part of which he credits to his commitment to his late friend.

Today, Northcutt runs point for his six-man crew: Larry Harris, Dale Reeves, Jim Lawson, Ryan Beam, Patrick Roberts and color analyst Justin Rolland — Greg’s son.

“When Greg passed away, that next season, Justin was involved in the radio broadcast and we elevated him to his dad’s chair,” Northcutt said. “For me, it’s like [Greg] is still in the broadcast booth.”

Northcutt's proximity to the team has been unparalleled during his time on the radio; so much that he's nicknamed "coach Northcutt" within the football program.

Tom Knolles, who coached at Moore from 1994-2004, first brought Northcutt into the coaches’ office in 1994 and allowed him access to the players.

Northcutt says he is still allowed that access today.

In fact, his service to the school landed him a spot in the Lions’ football Wall Of Fame in 2015.

“I’m rewarded by being able to be involved with [Moore football] and be involved with the game,” Northcutt says. “I feel that this is a way for me to give back to the community.”

Northcutt lives in Norman with his wife, Dana. The couple has two children; a daughter, Shelby, and a son, Jacob.

Northcutt, Justin their crew will be on-air at 6:30 for their pregame show Thursday night ahead of Moore’s matchup with Yukon on AM 1520, FM 95.3 or moorelions.com

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