High school football notepad: QB Jackson Remualdo embraces leadership role

Norman North quarterback Jackson Remualdo (5) throws the ball during a practice on Monday, Aug. 12, 2019, at Norman North High School. (Joe Buettner / The Transcript)

Norman North doesn’t need to question who its starting quarterback is this fall camp.

Jackson Remualdo is making it clear he’s the offense’s leader.

“He played today like a veteran,” North coach Justin Jones said on Monday. “He operated the way that we want a starting quarterback to operate. Obviously, that was good. And the other thing I like about Jackson is he starting to lead the other quarterbacks.”

A Week 3 injury to former North quarterback Jake Switzer opened the door for Remualdo to play as a sophomore last season. The inexperienced starter struggled at times but he’s progressed as a signal-caller through the offseason.

Jones hopes the junior can take command of the offense. Although, one of his senior teammates, tight end Jake Roberts, has faith Remualdo will be ready.

“I definitely think having the spring and this summer and fall just to get ready, knowing that he's going to be the guy, it's helped him a ton,” Roberts said. “We're all really comfortable with Remualdo. He's going to do a great job. It's gonna be a great year, especially with not just being thrown in the fire and having that experience. It's going to be awesome.”

• Jones taking ownership of defense: Jones, who’s entering his second year at North, will call the defense in 2019.

Jones says it’s a comfortable position for him with his coaching background and will allow him to be more hands-on with the unit.

“I feel like the buck stops with me,” Jones said. “And so, I've got to make sure that we're in a great position, and we're doing things absolutely correct on defense. I want that responsibility and I know the vision that I have for the defensive side. And I think our assistant coaches share that same vision, and I'm ready to really see that.”

• More comfort on offense: Roberts has noticed positive differences on offense.

The Timberwolves return nine offensive starters from 2018, which has naturally led to a more comfortable group.

“Second year in the offense, we're way more familiar with everything,” Roberts said. “It's more you don't have to think, you just go out there. You're used to the guys that you're out there with and it makes it running the offense a lot easier.”

Roberts will be a key piece to the offense as a versatile weapon. The North Texas commit can line up at tight end, as well as in the backfield.