Oklahoma wide receiver Juaquin Iglesias rode an emotional roller coaster last Saturday against Missouri. He led the Sooners with seven catches for 77 yards. But he also had two critical fumbles that led to two Tiger touchdowns.

He said those two mistakes weighed on him heavily.

“It’s a big factor,” Iglesias said. “I know after I fumbled for the second time, I tried to forget about it but it was still on my mind.”

Iglesias fumbled a kickoff return early in the with 4:41 left in the third quarter. Missouri drove down and took a 24-23 lead minutes later.

Iglesias, who leads OU with 42 receptions this season for 635 yards, said the only thing on his mind were the turnovers until he caught a third-down pass on OU’s next drive.

The catch kept the drive going that turned into OU’s go-ahead touchdown.

“After that I kind of forgot about it,” Iglesais said. “If you just keep thinking about you’re mistakes it will kill you.”

But cleaning up the mistakes will be a big emphasis as the fourth-ranked Sooners prepare to face Iowa State at 11:30 a.m. Saturday in Ames.

The Sooners have forced six more turnovers than their opponents this season. Still, they’ve given the ball up 12 times in the first seven games.

“Coaches have been preaching that’s the thing that will get us beat the most,” Iglesias said. “I understand what they mean.”

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