Everybody wins at Cops for Kids

Norman police officer Neelon Greenwood dunks the ball during during a charity basketball game between the Norman and Moore police departments Friday, June 12, 2015 at Mid-American Christian University.

The Moore Police Department defeated the Norman Police Department 50-31 in the first annual Cops for Kids basketball game at Mid-American Christian University on Friday.

Although the Norman team fought gamely, from the start of the game they trailed behind the better-coordinated Moore team, whose performance was helped in no small part by the presence of former professional player Horace McGloster.

However, winners and losers are irrelevant considering the beneficiary of the event: Moore Youth and Family Services, a community support organization that provides counseling to area children and families.

"Family Services is the winner," said Jeff Arvin, president of the board of Moore Youth and Family Services.

The game is the first of what Arvin hopes to become an annual competition between the Norman and Moore police departments, Arvin said.

"The winner will get a trophy and take it home and hopefully it'll be a traveling event," Arvin said.

Lisa Willams, executive director of Moore Youth and Family Services, said they sold over 500 tickets to the event, which, at $5 each, amounts to over $2,500 raised.

"I'm really pleased with the turnout here," she said.

Board member Michaele Benn was excited by the event's success because many of the children who benefit from the event were her students in the past, along with several of the officers participating.

"I hope it's a tie and it goes into overtime," she said.

Williams said she hopes to continue working with the Norman police department for other events, possibly utilizing some of the other athletic facilities at Mid-American Christian University. 

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