Ou v Missouri State Football

OU fans wear masks as they watch during the Sooners' game against Missouri State, Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020, at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. A sellout given the seating arrangement, only 22,700 attended, making it OU's least attended game in 27,335 days.  (Kyle Phillips / The Transcript)



The number of years since Sooner football was played in front of so few fans. Officially a sellout given OU’s pandemic seating arrangement, only 22,700 attended. That last time it was fewer — 11,000, Iowa State, Nov. 10, 1945 — was 27,335 days ago.




The number of plays from scrimmage greater than 35 yards turned in by the Sooners, each one of them in the first half and each one a Spencer Rattler completion: 58 yards to Marvin Mims, 53 to Charleston Rambo, 38 to Theo Wease and 37 to Seth McGowan.




Proving time of possession is meaningless in a game like Saturday’s, that the difference between the two teams, 37:11 for the Bears and 22:49 for the Sooners.




The number of times OU punted Saturday. The last time the Sooners punted only one time was the first game of last season, against Houston. Six other times last season, OU punted twice.




The number of times OU has reached 500 yards of total offense since Lincoln Riley came on staff prior to the 2015 season. That’s 50 times in 69 games. Saturday, OU finished with 608 yards from scrimmage.

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