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OU Softball (Extra Frames): Gasso makes the case for replay

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OU v Florida State WCWS Game 2

University of Oklahoma head coach Patty Gasso watches the game Wednesday from the dugout during the Sooners’ game against Florida State at Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City.

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma coach Patty Gasso did not mince words when asked about the need for instant replay following OU’s 6-2 victory over Florida State.

Gasso, who has spoken out about many issues since the postseason began, expressed her desire to see replay added to the Women’s College World Series.

“We have over 40 cameras here. and there’s a reason why we cannot have instant replay? I don’t know how many college programs don’t have it. I think more do have it,” she said. “We’re on the biggest stage there is ... Now, umpires are human. and coaches come out and they argue calls. I just feel like there’s been so much of coaches coming out of their dugouts to question calls. and probably a lot of them are right. I’m not saying that they’re wrong. But it’s certainly, for peace of mind and for the good of the game, we want things to be right.

“Umpires want things to be right … We’re baffled. Why don’t we have instant replay? Baseball has it. Volleyball has it. Why doesn’t softball have it, especially on the biggest stage? It’s only fair... It’s fair for both programs, for all teams in the World Series. Everyone in the postseason.

“If it takes a little extra time, our sport is that good that people aren’t going to leave. and if they leave, personally, I would say I would rather a fan leave viewership and us get the call right.

“It’s what the game deserves. It’s what our players deserve. It’s what our players deserve … It’s all about timing. We want your game to be finished and get done by a certain time.

Let’s do this right. Let’s do this right. We deserve that.”

The Sooners have been the victim of several close or blown calls throughout the WCWS.

On Wednesday, Nicole Mendes was called out after hitting a ground ball to second base in the first inning, but broadcast replay show Mendes beat the throw easily.

• One more game: Thursday’s national championship is the final possible game, and the third if-necessary game to be forced in the tournament. The title match will be Game 17 and it marks the first time all 17 possible games have been played at the WCWS since advent of the best 2-of-3 championship series in 2005.

• Avengers: OU has lost four times this season, but has never lost two straight. After beating Florida State on Wednesday, the Sooners have now beaten every team that’s beaten them. The other three, they’ve beaten at least twice. They’ll try doing that again this afternoon.

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